Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chris and Ashley

Wow, another great reception at the Shore House. I am not sure why but this venue continues to produce some of the best receptions that I am honored to host. I am sure that the fact that we had a great couple to work with was our biggest key to success. It didn't hurt that they hired great support staff that had one common goal, to lift up Chris and Ashley and make sure that their wedding was all that they had ever hoped.

Chris and Ashley are just really fun people and their reception held true to their personalities. They chose to have scripted introductions for their wedding party. Ashley, being the beautiful person that she is was kind to each of her attendants and shared great stories and memories of each. Chris being the guy that he is chose to put in just a little dig as each of his groomsman were introduced. Their love story was filled with touching, funny, informative details about how they became a couple and how their lives had progressed to their wedding day.
They danced the night away and everyone had a great time. Once again, we are honored to work with a great couple and a great crowd. Many thanks to Allison at the shorehouse, Bill Nixon of Coastal Videography, and Josie Martin photography.
Here is a thank you letter I received from Chris and Ashley.
Dearest Liz and Jamie,
Thank you with our entire hearts for creating such a personal feel to our wedding day. People could not stop talking about how they laughed and cried during the scripted introductions. Especially the people we chose to be a part of our wedding. They felt so special and the people at our wedding got a sense of who they were and why we chose them to be in our wedding.
The love story that Jamie read...My favorite part of the reception!!!
Writing it was totally your idea and Chris and I were a little hesitant about telling our story due to some parts that we are not so proud of (ext. making out on the dance floor, breaking up before getting serious, etc.). But you both made it sound sooooo romantic and funny, you made even the embarrassing parts sound loving and our story was beautiful. Looking at Chris as Jamie read our story made me cry tears of joy and my heart was so happy as I listened to our long journey to where we had ended up. I felt like the most blessed person in the world and I relived how much gratitude I owe to God for being able to marry the man of my dreams.
Also, many of our Aunts and Uncles were so happy that they got to hear our story- they said, "Wow, we never knew how you met and it was so nice to learn all of those details about how we came to be here." They also learned why we chose HHI for our wedding destination and had a greater love for HHI as we do:-)
Most importantly, I would like to thank you for the "Flow" of the evening. We had 2 couples with upcoming weddings writing down the schedule of events because everything flowed so well. That was all you, Jamie and Liz, you guys are experts at knowing when to schedule dances, pictures,cake cutting, ect. down to the minute so that we could make the very most out of the 4 short hours we had to party. Our wedding was PERFECT!!!! And most of it had to do with you! My husband, Chris, said it best... "You can do without the prettiest flowers, the best photographer, or the best weather BUT you have to have a great DJ to get the mood and fun started and we had the VERY Best!"
You were worth every penny and if we had too we would pay you double! We didn't realize how much you had to do with making our day so great until the day of the wedding! But now we recognize and speak your praises everywhere we go!
We love you both for being such an intricate part of our Wedding Bliss. We will call you next summer when we are in town for our Anniversary in hopes of meeting up for a drink or a boat ride! Call us if your any where near Cincinnati, Chris' parents just bought a new boat that we love to take you out on as well!!! You could probably teach us a few things about boats:-) It's a little scary sometimes! hA!Love, Hugs, and many thanks,Ashley & Chris!!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Julie and Matt

Julie and Matt Clark

What an awesome couple with a great wedding story. Over the months of planning we have gotten to know Matt and Julie very well. They have been to our house, been out on the boat with us and we have spent quality time just hanging out on several occasions. These are truly two special people.

The Reception

Matt and Julie pulled out all the stops for their reception. We provided uplighting for the ball room at the Country Club of Hilton Head, we projected their monogram on the ceiling (shown above). Julie and Matt opted for almost every option and trick that we have available

  • We provided entertainment for their Rehearsal/Meet and Greet Party
    Ceremony setup for music and microphones

  • Scripted Introductions

  • Love Story

  • Ambient Lighting - this was a surprise from Matt to Julie

  • Choreographed first dance with a first dance song consisting of a mix of over 15 different songs - kind of like the "evolution of dance" on this was a surprise for everyone from Julie and Matt. They even tricked their wedding party into doing the "Thriller" dance with them.

  • Special dedications to the members of our armed forces

  • Voice-overs - Bon Jovi's "Thank You" with a special message from Julie to Matt carefully placed in the intro of the song - this was a surprise from Julie to Matt

  • Photo Montage displayed at reception during dinner

  • A video toast from the Matron of Honor who actually could not attend the wedding since she was due to have her baby the very next day

I promise you boredom was not a problem at this wedding. John Bracket provided the photography and was awesome to work with as usual. This was a great reception that you almost had to witness to believe. We went all out to give Julie and Matt exactly what they wanted.Jamie and Liz Bodie

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