Friday, December 5, 2008

Jennifer and Peter Belmore

Jennifer and Peter--what a couple!! We first met Jennifer and Peter several months ago. They had so many questions and ideas and we were thrilled to think that we would be part of their special day. Jennifer and Peter showed their true colors when their venue was changed just a few weeks prior to their wedding date!! Yep, that's the truth--they had to find an entirely new place for their ceremony, cocktail hour and reception!! Fortunately, Jill O'Boyle at Champions Ballroom was able to step in and take care of Jennifer and Peter. They had a great ceremony at the terrace at the Inn at Sea Pines--the rain held off and the weather was gorgeous! The guests moved into the foyer and enjoyed a cocktail hour and then the ballroom was open for Jennifer and Peter's grand entrance. Jennifer and Peter danced around and had a great time to a Lyle Lovett tune. Jennifer then danced with her dad to a sweet song and then broke out into "Mustang Sally!" They thrilled the crowd! Dinner and dancing soon followed. Fabio Ventura took some incredible photos that Jennifer and Peter will treasure forever!

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About me personally. To me there is no final win or lose, at least here on earth. Winning or losing is done each and every moment of every day. James Taylor wrote that "the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time," Paul wrote that he was content in all things - to me that is winning. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't.