Saturday, February 28, 2009

Christine and Jared McElroy

Christine and Jared McElroy--our first wedding of the 2009 season and they kicked it off with a BANG!! Christine and Jared have an amazing story!! They met just over a year ago on eHarmony and they knew they would marry immediately!! So, their dating life has basically been a preparation to their wedding!! Jared is a youth pastor and he was determined to save kissing on the lips for his wedding day. Christine was a somewhat willing partner--she really wanted to kiss this handsome man, but she was willing to wait!! Amazingly enough, they selected Give me a kiss to build a dream on by Louis Armstrong for their first dance--very appropriate!! The Morris Center in Savannah was such a great venue--so many opportunities to create true beauty!! Christine and her mom, Marianne did a lot of the decor and it rocked!! Christine's bridesmaid, Susie made the AMAZING wedding cake. The crowd enjoyed great food and then truly danced the night away--they were ready to celebrate this awesome marriage!! Christine and Jared ended the night with eHarmony's theme song Everlasting Love and left through sparklers. We will let you know when Christine and Jared's eHarmony commercial airs--there is no doubt they will have one!!


Jamie and Liz,
I want you to know how much we all appreciate your efforts in connection with Christine and Jared's wedding. IfI related all the wonderful feedback we received from many guests, I'm afraid your heads would get so big theymight explode!! Can't have that!! Marianne and I have been to many parties and receptions, and the mannerin which you blended the styles and tempos of music with the evolving activities throughout the evening wasincredible. The before and during dinner time was surrounded by soothing, uplifting and memorable favorites,and later the dance floor got hot has heck. Jamie the MC had the right words and humor for everything, and"the story" about Christine and Jared was beautifully shared.

To top all of that, Ms. Mail Lady delivered that awesome card!! You may not know it, but you captured an imagefor posterity that was truly unique---the Hedemark "finger flutter" move. I told Christine that I'd show off with one ofmy many moves during our dance (that really scared her cuz they're always so dorky), but obviously this time Dadand Christine really really hit a home run. I'd really appreciate it if you would email me the image.
Thanx again--you are both the BEST!!!

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