Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Photo Booth!!

JLKevents Photo Booth Rental had their inaugural use last Saturday! ....And what better spot to begin this fun, but beautiful Haig Point? Kristen Ploehn and her team planned a "Woodstock" party their members and guests and they thought that the Photo Booth would add tons of fun to such a fun event. They were right!! It was great fun!! The guests had a great time "hamming" it up while they were dressed in their 60's outfits!

The photo booth at this event was "open air" because it was outside and the surroundings were so incredible!! We do have the ability to create an actual "booth" where guests would go in for their fun photos.

Many thanks to Haig Point for being our first photo booth customer.

Enjoy the pics!!
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

JLKevents now has a Photo Booth!!

Want to have some fun?

JLKevents photo booths are a fabulous way to add excitement and fun to any event! They are the ultimate party favor!

Photos from the PhotoBooth are great favors for any event—weddings, corporate events, birthday parties…you name it! Everyone from age 2-92 will enjoy a JLKeventsPhotoBooth!!

We use high quality dye sublimation printers that produce professional photo prints. Feel free to customize your own photos to include monograms, logos, dates and names.
We cannot wait to discuss your event!

Q - How does the JLKevents PhotoBooth work?
A – Just step in and begin! Guests enter the booth, press the button and the fun begins!! The guests will be given a countdown of when the camera will snap the photos (4 of them). Guests will be able view themselves as they are waiting for camera to snap! Once the photos have been taken, the guests are instructed to exit the booth and see the JLKevents attendant. The photos print out quickly so that the guests can re-join the party and show off their photos!!
Q - What does the JLKevents Attendant do?
A--The JLKevents Attendant is a trained professional that has several responsibilities during the course of an event, such as:

  • Keep the guests safe
  • Assist guests through the PhotoBooth process
  • Keep track of scrapbooking materials if necessary
  • Trouble-shoot any issues that might arise
  • Make sure everyone is having FUN!

Q - Can I customize or personalize the JLKevents photos?
A – Of course! We think it is great if you to incorporate any of the following into your photos:

  • Custom Monogram
  • Name(s)
  • Initials
  • Date of the event
  • Name of the event
  • Theme
  • Company or Organization Logo

JLKevents will work with you prior to your event so that you can approve what you want for your photos.
Q - How many people can fit into a JLKevents PhotoBooth?
A – How many people want to be in the photo? There have been 2, 4, 5 and even 10 people squeeze into the JLKevents Photo Booth. JLKevents PhotoBooth is specially designed to be flexible.
Q - Can I bring my own scrapbook?
A - Yes! We want you to make this event YOUR event! So feel free to bring anything special that you want for your scrapbook!

Remember, JLKevents also offers DJ/MC services and event lighting services.

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