Saturday, June 12, 2010

May and June 2010

May and June 2010 have been incredible months! We have been blessed to be part of some great weddings. We have worked for wonderful couples and have the honor to serve along side of fabulous vendors. I am going to fill this blog with photos and a list of some of the great wedding pros that we have worked with. Hope you enjoy!!

Sebrell Smith
Amanda Spencer
Allison Reisz
Jackie Lacey
Malely Davila--Westin Resort, Hilton Head
Lisa Manning
Moss Creek Club
Alison Ward--Hilton Resort, Hilton Head
Brent Nelsen
Kellie McCann--THANK YOU for the images!
Theresa Earnest--THANK YOU for the images!
John Wolwerth
Jen Leiti--Port Royal Club, Hilton Head
Melainie Allen--Marriott Resort, Hilton Head
Sheri Davis
Tom Wood
Ashley Rhodes

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wedding Season is in FULL Swing!!

WOW!! We have been so busy that we have not updated the blog lately!! We have had some great events over the past few weeks!! Stay tuned...I will update this weekend.

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