Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Elise and Kjell Pederson

Elise and Kjell are such a fun couple!! They met as lifeguards on Hilton Head and they are still here—ok, there were lots of detours on the way, but they are still in Hilton Head, Kjell is a full-time lifeguard and now they are married!!! Elise and Kjell wanted to have a special place for their wedding and they searched the Island and found a great beach house on 5 Alder Lane. Maureen Cohen performed the beach ceremony and PortaParty provided the PA and music. Then, following the ceremony, the guests moved back to the house for cocktails and appetizers. Elise and Kjell spent some time having some FABULOUS photos made my Torrey and Tony from Mira Photography. When their photos were complete, Elise and Kjell had their “grand entrance” and then shared their first dance and husband and wife and then Elise shared a special dance with her dad—it was so cool because it started with “My Girl” and then moved into the Michigan Fight Song and then the Michigan State Fight song!! It is so cool to customize wedding receptions!! Dinner was then served and the toasts were presented—Elise and Kjell have some incredible orators in their list of family and friends!!! The love story was also presented and all of the guests learned that Kjell bought Elise and engagement ring from WalMart!! He really did—but only because the AMAZING ring that was being designed for her was not ready when he was ready to propose!! There are always really cool stories that we learn about our couples! Elise and Kjell did not want to do a “normal” bouquet toss, so they had all of the guests come out to the dance floor and they tossed out lottery tickets!!! Of course, Calloway’s “I wanna be rich” was playing in the background!! Their crowd was so much fun!! Dancing, fun, dancing, fun was how the night was!! Ice cream paint job had the crowd fired up!! It was a great night and we are so happy that Elise and Kjell are local, so we can actually see them again! Gina Dunn was on site to organize and coordinate all aspects of the wedding day and she was beyond phenomenal!!! It was just a perfect day and we are honored to have been part of it!!

Hi Liz and Jamie,
Just writing to thank-you for a fabulous party. We had a great time...although wishing it could have lasted longer. It was like we blinked and the wedding was over:( We had tons of compliments on the music and flow of the party. Kjell's favorite part of the whole wedding was dancing to Ice Cream Paint Job. hehehe
Thank you again and we will be sure to recommend you to other friends getting married.
Elise and Kjell

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